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    • Architecture: Li-ion 48V
    • Battery Capacity: 3 kWh / 4 kWh
    • Peak Power 1.9 kW / 4 kW
    • Range: 80 km
    • Payload Capacity: 100 kg with a dedicated cargo space
    • Payload Volume: 300 liters

Made in India

Right-sized mobility

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Winner of Techsparks'24 Mumbai

A testament to the need and impact of right-sized vehicles.

We are building right-sized vehicles for India, EU & SEA

Two-wheelers are often overloaded beyond the safe capacity and big vehicles are often under-utilized resulting in huge losses for both fleet owners and driver owners. Our products solve this.

Powerful electric micro commercial vehicle with payload capacity of 200 kg / 500 L


L5 category three-wheeler

Lite electric micro commercial vehicle with payload capacity of 100 kg / 300 L


L5 category three-wheeler

/ e-cart category three-wheeler

Ultra-compact electric tugger for warehouses with pulling capacity up to 200 kg



Immerse into experiencing India's 1st Cargo Electric Reverse Trike

​More than 50% of cargo 3-wheelers are underutilized.
​More than 10% accidents are caused because of overloading 2-wheelers.

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